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Robot Ninja Cat

3 December 1985
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My name is Andy. I am 24 years old and live in San Francisco, California. I like ninjas, zombies, pirates, ninja zombies, zombie pirates, and pirate ninjas. I used to work for an interblahg website called LiveJournal.

I live with my two cats: Optimus Prime and Megatron. In my spare time I like to acquire vast amounts of useless knowledge and play video games.

This journal is a compilation of random thoughts that occasionally coincide with events in my life. I think about stuff all day, sometimes those thoughts are funny and I write them here.

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4 strings, adult swim, air, anime, aphex twins, aqua teen hunger force, art, battle royale, bloodhound gang, cake, calvin and hobbes, cats, clan of xymox, computers, converse, covenant, cracking, daft punk, depeche mode, design, digg, dinosaurs, discovery channel, dj shadow, dnd, dntel, duran duran, eating, elliott smith, enigma, enya, evanescence, family guy, fatboy slim, final fantasy, franz ferdinand, gamecubes, gaming, goons, gorillaz, graphics, hacking, html, ima robot, independent films, internet, interpol, jack handy, jem, jimmy eat world, kittens, kmfdm, kraftwerk, kung fu hustle, le tigre, legos, linkin park, massive attack, mdfmk, mindless self indulgence, ministry of sound, mitch hedberg, modding, mono, motion graphics, muse, new media, nine inch nails, ninjas, nintendo, nobuo uematsu, peaches, perfect hair forever, photography, phreaking, pirates, pizza, portis head, qntal, radiohead, ratatat, richard cheese, robot chicken, rpgs, science, secret machines, shaolin soccer, skinny puppy, snakes on a plane, social engineering, something awful, spagetti, special effects, star trek, steven colbert, sublime, sushi, system of a down, systm, technology, techtv, tegan and sara, the broken, the colbert report, the cranberries, the cure, the daily show, the dresden dolls, the faint, the killers, the mythbusters, the nintendo wii, the simpsons, the smiths, the sounds, the strokes, the verve, the white stripes, tiga and zyntherius, transformers, vnv nation, war driving, warcraft 3, web design, yeah yeah yeahs, zero 7, zombies


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